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In the Kanshitsu technique, the sculptor mixes Urushi (Japanese Lacquer) with clay (polishing powder) and sticks the mixture onto hemp cloth to shape. 
This is, so to speak, “Papier-Mache" by Urushi lacquer.
Basically, it is the same as how to make the Buddhist statues in the Nara period.
Urushi is solidified in a humid environment (temperature: approx. 15-25/ humidity: approx. 75%).
Once solidified, they become resistant to acid, alkali, heat or water, and continue to stay for more than 3,000 years.
However, it is weak to UV light as same as us.
Urushi is obtained from scratching the Urushi Tree, but only a few drops can be collected at one time.
The artworks made by each drop just like a "tear crystal of Urushi".
The drops comes out for protecting the scratched wound.
We spared and received them from Urushi trees.

It is just a "gift" from Urushi.

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