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Specific Commercial Transcriptions Act

*The contents described here are for this website ( only.

For a "Specified Commercial Transactions Act" of TADAKURA@iichi (domestic sales only) operated by TADAKURA, Please check here.

■Available Area:

The sales areas are as follows. Please be sure to confirm.

【In Japan】 (domestic customer)

Whole area

The sales areas are listed in the "EMS countries and Areas" by Japan Post. Please check this list.

*Please select your country/area when you are on the "My Cart" and "Shipping Details" page.
*If you cannot find your area, please contact us.



Described on each product page (consumption tax in Japan is included).




1.  Credit Card/Debit Card Payment (using Stripe/ PayPal/ Alipay system) 
2.  Bank Transfer(for premium only/ using Japan Post Bank)

*Acceptable credit cards: Visa/ MasterCard/ JCB/ American Express



■Charges except for Price:

Consumption tax (included each product price) and shipping charge.
(*Details are described on each product page.)



■About Days until Shipping:

【SO】 It will be shipped within 3months after the order is confirmed. In case of a delay, we will contact you separately.

【KANSHITSU】 It will be shipped within 7days after the order is confirmed. In case of a delay, we will contact you separately.

【Premium】 Confirmed according to the order contents. The target is approximately one month to one year.

*For our non-business days, please check the calendar.



■About Cancellation or Return:


You can cancel within 5 hours after the order is confirmed (the customer will be responsible for the fee). Please contact us.


Items can be returned if it is within 1 day of receiving them, and the case of the products and all of the packaging materials are maintained originally. In the case, please contact us. However, you will be responsible for the return fee and shipping charge.



■In the Case of the Product Cannot Be Delivered Due to an Address Change or Address Unknown:

Please respond as soon as possible by submitting a transfer notification or another way. Please note that the shipping charge will not be refunded if the delivery is not possible due to these reasons.



■In the case of Defect:

If you find any defects, such as damage to the product that might be caused by our (TADAKURA) fault, please contact us via the inquiry form within 3 days. Depending on the judgment based on the photograph or other references, we will respond to either new item replacement /free repair/refund by us.



■About Warranty for Three Years:

Customers can receive a free repair for 3 years (needed for additional shipping cost) in all of the artworks by TADAKURA. However, it is available within the limits of repair.



■About Repair:

If you continue to hold the product (artwork) for a long time and request to have it repaired due to deterioration over time, please contact us using the inquiry form. We will estimate the repair cost in consideration about the possibility of repair and material cost.


■About Images on This Website:

In some cases, the impressions of each image might be different from the actual colors or textures. Please check each notice about the size, material, and so on. If you have any questions, please contact us through the inquiry form.



■About Image's Publications of the Purchased Artworks on the Creator's Website

There are some cases that all of the artworks will be put on the EMURA TADAHIKO WEBSITE with the specification of "personal collection". Any personal information including the customer's name never be disclosed. I would appreciate your cooperation.



■About Logo Mark and Creator's Signature

It is prohibited by law to infringe on both of TADAKURA logo mark and Tadahiko Emura signature by plagiarisms, mislabels, imitations or reproductions, etc.

The each logo mark of KANSHITSU, SO, and premium is definitely indicated with either of TADAKURA logo mark or Tadahiko Emura signature. It is regarded as only this indication as to the original artwork. Also, the actual artworks by Tadahiko Emura own Tadahiko Emura signature definitely. It is regarded as only this indication as to the original artwork. Also, all the shipping data in artworks are strictly managed by TADAKURA based on our privacy policy.

June 5, 2023


​KANSHITSU logo mark



SO logo mark




logo mark



Tadahiko Emura



premium logo mark



Owner: Tadahiko Emura(business name: TADAKURA)

Operation Supervisor: Tadahiko Emura

Postal Code: 192-0153

Address: 1006-372 Nishiterakatamachi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo, Japan

Telephone Number: +81(0)70-5670-9487 (*For only domestic customers)

Mail Address: the customer in Japan and overseas)

Other Operated Web Store:


 (Please check at each webpage about the Special Commercial Transcriptions Act of each store.)

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