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Sculpture and Kanshitsu ― inheriting culture creatively

Creation is a discovery.

Our life is also full of discovery.

There is a lot of thrill while being excited.

This is just a living.

A thousand year's beauty, Urushi.

Urushi has been transformed into a bowl, an architecture, and a charm,
they have protected our life and have been close to our daily life.

This is a genealogy of cultured "richness".

I have just gone on a trip with Urushi.

I would like to connect creatively the past-now-future.

Tadahiko Emura


Representative of Tadakura Kanshitsu + Sculpture Lab.

Tadahiko Emura

Born in Okayama. A sculptor based in Japan. Graduated from Doctoral Degree Course, Graduate School of University of Tsukuba (Ph.D.). 

As the main activity, he won the New Artist Award at the 76th Shinseisaku Exhibition in 2012 (same award in 2013 and Recommendation of Shinseisaku Association member in 2014). In 2014, he participated in "Exhibition―Spirit of Asian artist" at Gaon Gallery of Incheon University in Korea. Also in 2015, he won the Showa-kai Sculpture Award of the 50th Showa-kai Exhibition of Gallerie Nichido and held the solo exhibition "A Possibility of Sculptural Expression through Kanshitsu" at Hachioji Art and Culture Hall in Tokyo.  In 2018, he won the Second (Incentive) Prize in the 11th Okayama Prefectural Mr. I Development of Rising Artists Award, and exhibited his sculptures in the "Current Expression of Urushi 2018" of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in Tokyo. Moreover, he exhibited his Urushi sculptures in the "Exchange Exhibition of Taiwan × Japan" of FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA in Kanagawa in 2018 and 2019. Currently, he is a member of the Shinseisaku Art Society.

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