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  Kintsugi etc.
  Only In Japan

  succeeding in your precious things to the future.

  That is what Urushi lacquer can do.

●We repair pottery products by gold/silver/tin/brass/lacquer.

● Mainly on bowls, we also consider repairing objects, figurines, toys, etc.
→ In addition to ceramic products, wood products, plastic products, and lacquer products are also repaired.
→Glass products and metal products are not available.
→If you have any questions about materials, please contact us.

● In principle, it is basic to "recover for the original condition", but please note that some undulation may occur depending on the situation. We will discuss these matters with the client.

●Used genuine Urushi lacquer. If you are sensitive to Urushi lacquer, please contact us in advance.

●The warranty will be covered for 3 years after the repair is finished (a warranty card will be enclosed when returning the product).


Prices are based on the following 【Price Standards】.
Prices will be changed by the situation, conditions, and requests, which will be confirmed through a quote.
◆ The main points are "total length of repairs", "having or not having of parts (lack of chips)", "request for using materials (gold powder, etc.)".

【Price Standards】 (Example of 5,000 JPY equivalent)
・Repair Spot: Total length* 100mm or less + lack of chips (needed to supplement)
*Total length: Refers to the entire length of the line to be repaired. When repairing the inside and outside of a vessel, "total length" means the sum of the inside length and the outside length.

・Estimated price includes the following.

 (the customer pays shipping costs)
Material Cost/Production Cost/Supplying
 Deficiency Cost
・Joining material: Gold No. 1 powder and use of genuine Urushi lacquer
・Estimated shipping days: 3 months after receiving repair request product

Request for Purchase:

【Things to be prepared in advance】
・Photo material of the repair request product (from top/ side/ bottom)
・Total length of repair spot
・There are some missing parts (such as the lack of debris)or not.
・Request for material used(gold, silver or only Urushi lacquer, etc.)

【Note for Shipping】
・Carefully wrap the repaired request items with an air cap or other soft materials and put them in boxes of similar size (paper box is OK). Also, please send this box in a large cardboard box.

【If you have any questions】
・If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the time of the quote or after ordering. We will do our best to respond to your contact.





Dream will come true.
The future will change significantly with just one work.
This is the true creation and the untapped journey.


​Spatial Image(sample)

Sculptor:Tadahiko Emura


Price (consumption tax in Japan included) :

Product Price (material costs/ production costs) will be decided based on considering the situations.

Product Price is based on the following 【Price Criterion】.
The situations, conditions will change prices, and requests confirmed through a quotation.

【Price Criterion】
Material Costs: The total amount of the actual expense of the materials and consumables for the production according to the sizes or kind of materials.

Production Costs: [3000JPY/ 1 hour] ×[Total Time of the Production]

   The following categories are included in the production cost.

(1)Planning (drawings, small models, preparation of sources, or research.)


(3)Adjustment and Improvement

(4)Process including Delivery and Installation (or supervising the installation)

*Total Time of the Production will be changed by the sizes or materials etc.

Shipping Charge: 

It depends on the size of the artwork.

(S)Works with a total of H+W+D is less than 150 cm
(M)Works with a total of H+W+D is between 150 and 250 cm
(L)Works with a total of H+W+D is 250 cm or more

Japan(flat/ per an artwork)   (S)5,000JPY  (M)7,500JPY  (L)10,000JPY

Overseas(flat/ per an artwork)   (S)10,000JPY (M)15,000JPY (L)20,000JPY

*The delivery company will be adjusted according to the shape of the work. We will contact you as soon as it is confirmed.

Days until Shipping:

Confirmed according to the order contents. The target is approximately one month to one year.


​Remark Column:

In transportation as a work of art (KANSHITSU premium), separate insurance may be required. For domestic shipments, insurance may be applied only to premium products. For international shipments, insurance will be applied according to the purchase price. Customers are responsible for these costs. We appreciate your cooperation.

Warranty for Three Years

Customers can receive a free repair for three years (needed for additional shipping cost)in all of the artworks by TADAKURA. However, it is available within the limits of repair. 



●Available like Following

[For the Individual Customers]
・Those who would like us to suggest the shape in association with a poem and texts.
・Those who would like us to suggest an original artwork for the marriage.
・Those who would like us to suggest an original artwork that matches the private room.
・Those who would like us to suggest an original artwork from photographs of the family or pets.

​[For the Corporate Customers]

・Developing artworks by corporate identity.

・Installation of original artworks in hotels, medical institutions, schools, offices, and so on.

・Discussing coordination for the best use of the entire space.

・Setting up the artworks for a limited time.

・ We will consider the content according to your request. Please contact us.
・We respond to individual customer's requests (original artworks for the home or gifts, etc.). Also, we accept corporate customers. Please contact us.
・If you are sensitive to Urushi lacquer. Please let us know.
・We attach a warranty to all the artworks for three years after delivery.


Inquiries for Your Request (budget, date, image, concept, etc.)

Proposal for Quotation

Discussion and Confirmation

Payment (deferred payment needs to be discussed) 

Production of the Artwork

Checking for the Production Status


Warranty Period (three years)


  Realizing creative learning experiences. 

Learning about Kanshitsu.

Learning about sculpture and creation.

That is to know the culture. It is also so exciting.

For all ages, all nationalities, and you.


Learning with each other and finding a lifelong investment.

Creative and deeply.

TADAKURA is planning to realize the creative opportunity.


-If you have any questions or requests; please contact here.




[Available Services]

●Writing texts or articles

●Workshops or educational programs

●Individual teaching or consulting about arts and creation (including via online)


[Main Study Achievements ](* all texts are only written in Japanese.)

 ■ 2019

About Urushi―strict, but gentle., Shin-Bijutsu Shimbun (Art Anual Online), No.1513

 ■ 2018

The aim of HORIE Naoshi -looking back to the sculptor's intention of premature death in the early Showa period-,  Japan Sculpture Association, Art Library, No.19

 ■ 2015

The Possibility of Sculpture Expression through Kanshitsu - Reflections on making sculptures through the practical application of hollow kanshitsu and wood-core kanshitsu techniques-, Tama Art Studies, No.4

Study of Contemporary Sculptural Expression in Kanshitsu Technique―Past, now and future―

Report of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research: Study of Contemporary Sculptural Expression in Kanshitsu Technique[Grant Number 25770066]

 ■ 2014

A Possibility of Sculpture Expression by Kanshitsu - Through research on works of Takezou Shinkai and Toyoichi Yamamoto-, Tama Art Studies, No.3

 ■ 2013

Horie Naoshi's Sculpture Carp (Koi) and Metal Crafts of Carp(Koi-Sakana-Okimono), Tama Art Studies, No.2

 ■ 2012

The Modelling Expression of Horie Naoshi (University of Tsukuba; Ph.D. No.6195)


■ 2010

 A Study of Development in Horie Naoshi's Figurative Expression, Tsukuba Studies in Art and Design, No.15

Inquiry Form for the Premium―request for the estimates or orders is here.

Thank you for your messsage.

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