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【寸 法】高さ1×幅9×奥行9(cm)
【素 材】生漆/砥の粉/和紙/麻布

【重 量】約45g









【Made to order】【Delivery in 3 months】


This product is a plate made by the Kanshitsu technique.

You can use it for many purposes such as tableware or interior products and so on.


It is safe for our portable everyday use because it is light, durable, and unbreakable.
The rough finish will prevent slipping and the Urushi's unique luster will come out if you use it for a long time.


Kanshitsu is a traditional Urushi lacquer craft technique where the artist mixes Urushi with clay and sticks the mixture onto hemp cloth to shape. 
Basically, it is the same as how to make the Buddhist statues in the Nara period 1300 years ago.
Urushi lacquer, paper, soil, cloth ... all made of natural materials.


We make one by one for you.
For this reason, it will take a long while until it arrives, but we would like to value "one by one" so that you will be able to use it in the future and never waste the materials.


Aiming for the Kanshitsu like the ground that is close to your life.
We hope that you deepen the dialogue between you and Urushi.


【Product name】 "SO" -rural form- (# S01)
【Size】 Height 1 x Width 9 x Depth 9 (cm)
【Material】Urushi lacquer / polishing powder / paper / linen cloth

【Weight】about 45g


● This product is made to order. We will start production after confirming your purchase.
→ Since it will be shipped after sufficient drying (in the case of Urushi, it is called "solidification"), it will be delivered in 3 months.
→ The customers will receive an "order confirmation" (postcard with the estimated delivery date) from TADAKURA at the start of production. (*Email only for foreign customers. Thank you for your understanding.)


● This product is made by using the original mold, so basically, the appearance of the product is like the photos, but please note that there might be some differences as the handmade works.


● You can receive free repair (with warranty) for 3 years after arrival. However, this will be treated within the scope of repair.

“そ”-田-| "SO" -ta-

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